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A Visual Overview

of the field
of mathematics education research
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About the Maps

As an emerging scholar, I was expected to survey the field of mathematics education research and to situate my work with respect to the ‘ongoing conversations.’ The metaphorical language of ‘surveying the field’ suggested that there could be a ‘map,’ one that shows the conversations and what conversation groups were in conversation with others. Yet, no such map existed.


Drawing on algorithmic graph theory and computational network analysis, I mapped over 90 years of data from three prominent mathematics education research journals (over 50,000 citation relationships).

I share these maps with the field to help emerging scholars develop a sense of the breadth of foci researched in the field and to aid established scholars in finding topically related articles.

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About the Author

Drawing on my background in computer science (esp. algorithmic graph theory) and mathematics, for my dissertation (Ph.D. in Mathematics Education from Michigan State University) I mapped the citation relationships of every research article published in the JRME during the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s. Coupled with these decades from the JRME, I mapped the citation relationships of the 2010s in ESM and flm.  These maps and the accompanying analysis are what I share with the field here.

Currently, I am an Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education at East Stroudsburg University.  In addition to a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education (2020), I hold a M.S. in Industrial Mathematics (2013, MSU) and a B.S. in Mathematics (2011, Lock Haven University). My teaching includes mathematics content courses and a focus on mathematics content and pedagogy courses for future elementary, middle, and high school teachers.


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